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Fake Educational Qualifications vs. A Company's Productivity

by Info One2verify - Published on 3/8/2021 12:45 AM

Fake Educational Qualification

Why Effective mechanisms for verifying the qualifications of new hires should be implemented by companies?

Due to the increasing competition in almost every field, the occurrence of candidates providing forged certificates or degrees when completing a job profile has risen enormously. Companies need to implement effective measures for qualification verifications before hiring new candidates for a specific job or position.. Employment background checks play a significant role in selecting only qualified candidates who are being considered for a specific position that could affect a company's productivity.

Recent research has stated “fake degree industry” is a multi-million-dollar business, so the number of candidates now providing fake educational qualifications is significant. Such problems undermine a company’s productivity by hiring the wrong employee; this, in return, causes an additional loss because the company may have missed an opportunity to select from a group of qualified candidates. Finding qualified candidates is a priority for all businesses and the first start of this process should begin with an employment background verification which helps provide the screening process needed to select the best candidates from the beginning.

The following are a few reasons how a lack of qualification verification can affect a company's productivity:

1. Loyalty toward the Company

Providing false information may not determine an individual's character, but it could be an indicator of how the applicant may perform or handle difficult tasks. Whether an applicant purposely or inadvertently put false or misleading information on their resume or application. It is an indicator that they may not possess the skills a company needs to be a productive employee. Hiring and employing a person who is not capable of performing their duties may also affect the productivity and morale of other employees around them as it may take away from their work and the overall performance of the group or team. 

2. Sustainability and Consistency

Necessary aptitudes, knowledge, and comprehension are cumulative from the education a person receives. But suppose an unqualified employee has been hired by a company. It is highly probable this will have a negative impact on a project or tasks; preparation, workflow, monitoring, following up, supervision, quality control, & completion. It is impossible to measure the costs or expense that is caused by skipping the verification process to properly identify the possibility that a lack of education or skill set can cause; inconsistent results, negligence in work, and inefficiency in meeting deadlines. An employee without the required educational degree may hamper a project's performance, quality control, and overall customer satisfaction.

3. Quality

Hiring a highly qualified, skilled employee is the goal of all companies. What separates successful companies from others is often found within their hiring process. Those companies that have a professional screening process in place before considering a candidate not only help the employer sort through and set aside unqualified candidates but also allow for the right candidates to rise by giving them the opportunity to be found.

4. Time and Cost

Unfortunately, many companies try to reduce costs by not using a professional screening service within the hiring process. What is often overlooked is the costs it takes to complete the hiring and training process from beginning to end. Every time a position needs to be filled, the process starts with the person(s) handling Human Resources for the company. A position needs to be published often using paid employment directories or companies. Then time must be taken to sort through a long list of applicants or candidates. This sorting process can go through many levels before selecting candidates for the interview process, which can also have many steps and often require the presence or input from high-level employees, managers, directors, etc. These positions are usually held by those whose time is extremely valuable. Once a candidate is selected and hired, the additional time and cost of training need to be considered. If the candidate is unable to perform as expected, then the entire process will need to start over again.

To ensure functionality and performance at the workplace, it is imperative to verify a potential employee's qualification records. This also helps to build your employees' trust and confidence as they were able to complete this process; and were selected on their true merits and qualifications.One2Verify is a professional background check company that can provide a complete background check of candidates your company intends to hire.

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