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One2Verify is a division of Sentry Security, who has a strong history with federal, state and local law enforcement. Pre-employment background screening was added to the services offered by Sentry Security as a way to help its many corporate and private business customers hire and maintain the most qualified and safe individuals for their workforces. It is our mission to create the safest work environment for our valued customers by ensuring that the employees brought onto their premises pass a strict and thorough background screening while adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). After all, a company's number one asset is its employees and the safety of these employees is our number one concern.

Easy to understand reports

Sentry Security listened to its’ customers and created a simple to read background “investigation” in which the records have been analyzed by real investigators, not data entry clerks. The records are then verified for accuracy by the same investigators who are active duty and retired law enforcement officers and agents. So many employee background reports contain useless information and negative reporting in an effort to add length to the report. Our Human Resource and Corporate Security partners expressed frustration at these long and un-analyzed records/reports. Below are examples of the simple to read reports with a “FINDINGS” section. Let us customize a report for you.
Sample Reports are in pdf.
Report 1
Report 2


The individuals who conduct the background searches and prepare the final reports are active duty and retired law enforcement officers and agents.
The chief investigator and creator of the Background Division of Sentry Security is a retired police detective with over 25 years of experience. This individual served as a detective for 18 years of his career. Most prestigious was his 9 year detachment to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, holding a Top Secret clearance with a Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) designation. During his career he also was assigned to investigate homicides, sex offenses, assaults, and drug and weapons violations while being a member of the elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT).
Other members of our team consist of retired Deputy United States Marshals, FBI Agents, State Troopers and Police Detectives who all were assigned to different federal, state, and local task forces and served their agencies with distinction. 

Joseph J. OttenJoseph J. Otten

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Otten started his business career in 1989 after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Southeast Missouri State University with an emphasis in Accounting & Finance. As CFO, he directs and manages all financial and accounting operations. Joe is a third generation owner/president of Otten Tax & Financial Services, LLC operating in the St. Louis area since 1942. He is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative, IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer and member of The Missouri Society of Accountants. Joe currently resides in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area with his wife and four children.

John R. Mueller Jr.

John R. Mueller Jr.

President of Sentry Security

Mr. Mueller’s career with the business began in 1989 after a four year enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps. As President and Chief Executive Officer for the past 10 years. John focuses his time managing the day to day business operations, maintaining a high level of PR with customer base, sales, and business development. He is an active member of the 6th District Police Board and has direct family ties with the St. Louis City Police Department. He currently resides in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area with his wife and four children.
Sentry Security is a family business with great values and a rich military foundation that has served the St Louis Metropolitan area for over 45 years. With three generations of Marines and three generations of police officers, our background has given us an advantage in this industry. Through consistent training and a strong emphasis on customer service, our customers will always know that their needs come first. We treat our customers like family and have built long lasting relationships with that philosophy in mind.