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Privacy Policy

Sentry Security knows that privacy is important, and we are committed to protecting it.

Section 620 § 1681r. Unauthorized Disclosures by Officers or Employees of the Fair Credit Reporting Act states the following, “Any officer or employee of a consumer reporting agency who knowingly and willfully provides information concerning an individual from the agency’s files to a person not authorized to receive that information shall be fined under Title 18, United States Code, imprisoned for not more than two years, or both.

Our employees are aware of the sensitive nature of the records we handle in the course of business. Confidential information are considered proprietary and confidential. This information is not disclosed to anyone who is not a current employee of Sentry Security.

Sentry Security is in the business of providing employment screening reports to our clients for employment purposes only. Sentry Security does not sell or share our customer lists or personally identifiable information to anyone except the authorized party who has requested it. Sentry Security maintains no proprietary database of public records. Sentry Security goes directly to the public record source for all screens we perform.

Information contained via our web retrieval site is protected through our secure server and is strictly confidential. Transactions involving the use of personally identifiable information, including but not limited to name, address, date of birth, social security number or telephone number, are electronically transmitted over our secure server. We use the industry standard, secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

Sentry Security verifies that all new clients are a registered business and we conduct a physical inspection of the administrative offices of all privately held clients.

Sentry Security will safeguard personal information as well as the computer files and documents containing the information. Social Security numbers are reported as only the first five(5) numbers and drivers license numbers and dates of birth are safeguarded when printed on the employment screening report or when viewing on our secure online website.

In compliance with the FTC’s Disposal Rule of June 1, 2005, Sentry Security requires disposal procedures to prevent the unauthorized access to or use of information in a consumer report. Compliance to the ruling consists of the following:

No papers or documents may leave our office. All files and papers must remain onsite.

Our entire facility is monitored and recorded by security cameras located inside and outside of the building.

Any guests of an employee must have approval from the employee’s manager. Guests must be met at the receptionist’s station and must be accompanied by the Sentry Security employee at all times.

Sentry Security employees must have a full background check completed before they are hired. All employees must sign a “Confidentiality Agreement”, are trained from day one as to the proper handling of secure and confidential information and undergo annual reviews of security and confidentiality procedures.

Violation of the company’s security and confidentiality procedures as set forth in this document are grounds for dismissal and criminal felony prosecution.

Sentry Security values the trust of their clients and will maintain legal compliance and respect for the privacy of your applicants. We will continue to earn your trust by developing standards and practices.