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Top 6 Myths about Employee Background Verification Services

by Info One2verify - Published on 3/24/2022 12:00 AM

Employee Background Verification Services

Some common misconceptions regarding background checks, and myth busters that explain why they're false

On paper, some job prospects appear so promising that recruiting managers believe that all they need to do to screen them is look at their references and work history. However, to avoid costly and reputation-damaging recruiting mistakes, it is necessary to do further background checks on every applicant. Despite the necessity of background checks for your firm, several misunderstandings may have driven you to avoid them. The following are common misunderstandings about background checks and myth busters that clarify why they are incorrect.

1. All Background Check Companies provide the same information.

It is a widespread assumption that all background check companies are the same and that the cheapest check is the best. There is no unified criminal database available, and there are no rapid evaluations. Companies must adhere to (Fair Credit Reporting Act) FCRA criteria, which means that all businesses should employ the same standards. This is not the case, though. If a proposal from an employment screening service provider appears too good to be true, it often is, but choosing reliable services is equally essential. When you do background checks without proper consideration, you risk an erroneous check, terrible hiring, and possibly a lawsuit.

2. Each background check is the same.

The job should determine the type of check utilized. An assessment might encompass a variety of items, such as criminal background and credit history checks, and reference and credential checks. Not every business provides complete background checks. When selecting an employment screening service, ensure the screening process encompasses everything important to you and your specific staffing requirements.

3. Employers are looking for a reason to reject your application.

Many individuals assume that background checks prevent someone from being hired. This isn't the case at all. Background checks are only a precaution to guarantee that employers hire people who they say they are. Suppose you've reached the point of the employment process when a background check is required. In that case, your potential employer has almost definitely already decided on you and is awaiting the results of the final check before proceeding.

4. Major corporations only conduct background checks. 

The size of a business should not determine whether background checks are conducted. Industry, type of employment, and the people employees contact are just a few things to think about. Small and mid-size businesses prioritize employing the right people just as major corporations. Because the average cost of a bad hire is over $15,000, smaller companies are more vulnerable to revenue loss due to selecting the incorrect individual. As a result, background checks are critical for any organization making informed hiring selections.

5. Why verify employees in person when everything is available online?     

Another common misconception is that job verification is unnecessary since so much information about candidates is readily available online. To summarize, neglecting employment screening based only on social media platforms and online searches may risk your business. Let us be the first to tell you that there is a good possibility you won't be able to locate all of the necessary information on the job seekers online. A full employment background check includes a review of prominent social media forums and websites. Different offline tests and components are available to go along with the accessible internet data to assist businesses in making recruiting decisions.

6. Many employers do not do background checks.

This remark may have been accurate nearly twenty years ago. Still, it is completely wrong now, with the employment market as competitive as ever and employers increasingly concerned about threats and litigation. You would have difficulty finding any company that did not conduct a background check these days.

The bottom line on background checks is that they don't have to be challenging to do. Ensure that your company's recruiting supervisors are aware that they should not go hunting for information on their own, that your policies are applied consistently, and that the regulations are enforced to some extent. 

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