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Types of employment background checks

by Info One2verify - Published on 3/29/2023 12:00 AM

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The use of a thorough employment background check is essential to many businesses. Background checks reveal important details about an applicant's professional history, criminal record, academic credentials, and other factors. The specifics of the background check that a company runs may change based on the nature of the business, the position being filled, and other factors.

This article will discuss some of the most common types of employment background checks.

1. Criminal Background Check

Perhaps the most common background check employers conduct is a check for criminal records. They will search local, state, and federal databases to determine if the applicant has a criminal history. The results of this check may reveal any prior convictions, arrests, or other legal problems. Criminal Background checks on job applicants are standard practice because of concerns that they may present a safety risk to the company's clientele or employees.

2. Employment verification check

Verifying a candidate's work history is crucial to any thorough background check. To do this, the prospective employer may contact the candidate's previous places of employment to verify the candidate's stated position(s), dates(s) of work, and departure(s) reason(s). A background check can also verify that applicants have the skills and experience they claim to have. A comprehensive employment check should ascertain the candidate's knowledge and skills.

3. Credit history check

The hiring process for some positions, especially those in the banking and finance industries, may involve checking the applicant's credit. Checking the applicant's credit report can reveal whether they have serious debts, bankruptcies, or other money problems. If you want to know if a candidate can be trusted with money, check their credit history.

4. Education verification check

Verifying a candidate's educational history during the screening process is standard practice. The candidate's degree, significance, and graduation date may be confirmed by contacting their respective educational institutions as part of this process. The candidate's academic credentials should be checked to ensure they meet the minimum standards for the position.

5. Seeking verification from previous references

Checking a candidate's references entails speaking with individuals familiar with the candidate's work history, skills, and qualifications to learn more about the applicant. Finding out more about the candidate's personality and work ethic through this method is extremely helpful. The candidate's compatibility with the company's culture and values can be determined by thoroughly reviewing their references.

6. Drug Checks

Drug testing is sometimes required for employment, especially in sectors where employee safety is paramount, like transportation and healthcare. To detect the presence of drugs or alcohol, the candidate's urine or blood will be tested. Having a candidate submit to a drug test is crucial for ensuring they will be sober while on the job.

7. Checking the Authenticity of Professional Licenses

A valid license or certification may be needed for specific occupations. Ensuring a candidate has the appropriate license or certificate for a position calls for a thorough verification check. Verifying the candidate's license status and expiration date with the proper licensing board may be necessary to do this. Verifying a candidate's professional licensing is crucial for hiring success.

Employment verification checks are an integral part of any liable hiring procedure. Organizations may tailor the scope and nature of the background check they perform based on the nature of the business, the position being filled, and other factors.

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