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Maintaining brand reputation with Background Screening

by Info One2verify - Published on 12/23/2022 2:09 AM

Nothing is more crucial than a company's good name, as it influences customers' perceptions of your company, which affects your sales, profits, and more. In today's digital age, a quick Google search may instantly reveal your reputation to the public. To thrive in today's digital-first environment and avoid a tarnished image, businesses must actively engage in reputation management.

Protecting your good name is your staff's first line of defence. When people interact with your company, your employees represent you and your brand. Your company's reputation may suffer because of their negative words, deeds, and/or actions.

A thorough background check is an investment in your company's future success and the protection of your brand name.

Here are a few ways that employment background screening can help protect your brand image.

1. Builds a community established on trust and safety

Every company cares about its workers' safety and security, whether in the office or at home. Workers who reported a high level of confidence in their management were found to be:

· 74% less stress

· 106% more energy at work

· 50% higher productivity

· 13% fewer sick days

· 76% more engagement

· 29% more satisfaction with their lives

· 40% less burnout.

The study found a discrepancy between the applicants' details and the screening outcomes. They may lie on their resumes, embellish their experience, or give you false information during the interview. Potential consequences include issues like the dismissal of employees for failing to meet job requirements.

You can reduce or eliminate these risks and fill open positions with reliable employees with the help of an employment background check.

2. Monitors problematic behaviour and stops problems from arising

Organizations put forth a significant effort to keep their credibility among customers, employees, and other stakeholders at a high level. The brand and the company culture could take a severe hit if employers don't conduct regular background checks on their employees.

After conducting background checks and the survey, employers admitted they had made a poor hiring decision, with the average cost of a single poor hire being close to $15,000. Nonetheless, that's not the end of the wrong results.

By  having a good background screening process in place, your business can easily bypass these circumstances:

· 58% of employees hired without a background screen didn't produce the proper quality of work

· 52% of employees hired without a background screen had a negative attitude.

· 51% of employees hired without a background screen didn't work well with other employees

· 49% of employees were hired without background screening; skills did not match what they claimed to be able to do when hired

· 45% of employees hired without a background screen had immediate attendance problems

The costs of a bad hire can include lawsuits, lost revenue, and negative reviews on websites like Google, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Reduce these risks and maintain your good name with a thorough background screening procedure.

One2Verify can help you expedite the background check process for hiring. Contact us if you're interested in our pre-employment screening options. Employment Verification, Credit Checks, and Education Verifications are just a few ways to help any business stay on top of the hiring process.

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