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Importance and benefits of Address Verification

by Info One2verify - Published on 12/21/2022 12:00 AM

Do you operate a well-known organization or company?  You’ll need to fill open positions with new hires. But how do you know the candidates you're employing are genuine?  There is a massive growth in infamous actions worldwide so it is your job to install proper security measures to detect these actions and keep your workplace safe. Many entrepreneurs utilize background verification services to check the details of candidates before hiring them. Address verification is a vital component of a thorough job background check.  Most if not all, global firms do a residential address check on the candidate while checking other facts.

What is Address Verification?

The candidate's address is checked for accuracy through a process called "Address Verification." It guarantees the applicant's legal right to vote in the United States. Further, it increases your trust in the application while decreasing the risk of identity theft and fraud. It is critical to have an employee's correct mailing address to correspond with them before and after being hired. Communication includes sending out job offers, applications, and other paperwork.

Why is Address Verification Important?

With the results of an identity verification check, you'll know whether or not the candidate is being truthful about their identification and whether or not to proceed with the hiring process. Possible red flags include an applicant who provides false information about who they are or where they live. The findings from an identity verification check form the basis for further investigations into a person's history, such as a criminal record or credit history. Individuals' ability to pass these verifications relies on their honesty in supplying personal details.

Benefits of the Address Verification 

  1. Avoiding the danger and potential litigation of recruiting misidentified applicants by verifying their identities and ensuring they have the legal right to work in the United States.
  2. Screening potential employees can help you save both time and money. This is so because it will be clear if the candidate has been appropriately recognized and if their work history corresponds to what they have stated.
  3. Keep yourself and your organization protected from potential legal trouble caused by dishonest job seekers who could potentially misuse or handle important information.
  4. If a candidate or employee is not forthcoming about their address information, this may indicate that they lack integrity in their working behaviour.
  5. Another advantage of doing an address check is making sure that job applicants are who they say they are. Embezzlement and other forms of dishonesty are more common than most people realize, making it crucial for all companies to ensure they hire only honest people for all jobs, especially those in leadership positions.

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