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Red Flags in Education Background Checks: What to Look For

by Info One2verify - Published on 12/21/2023 3:00 PM

Have you ever wondered what a candidate's educational background might reveal? On a resume, the academic path may look straightforward, but when hiring someone, it's important to do an extensive background check. After all, a candidate's qualifications and accomplishments can have a big effect on your company's growth. We'll talk about education background checks in this blog and find the red flags that every business should be on the lookout for.

Why Do Education Background Checks Matter?

Education Background Checks: The Key to Authenticity

Imagine hiring someone based on their impressive academic background, only to find out later that they were not telling the truth about their skills. This kind of behavior can increase your liability and affect the image of your business, and waste time and money. Background checks in education protect against these problems by giving a clear and accurate picture of a candidate's educational path.

Identifying Red Flags in Education Background Checks

1.Inconsistent Academic Records:

Inconsistency in academic records is one of the most prominent red flags in education background checks. Discrepancies in dates, grade point averages, or received degrees can indicate a candidate's dishonesty or fraud. It is critical to double-check the information provided on resumes and applications.

2.Unaccredited Institutions:

Verifying the academic institutions mentioned on a resume is an additional critical element of education background checks. Diplomas issued by diploma mills or unaccredited institutions may carry a different weight than those from reputable institutions. Employers are responsible for verifying that potential employees have earned their degrees from reputable and established institutions.

3.False Degrees and Certificates:

Employers need to look for websites that offer fraudulent degrees and certifications. Check documents for authenticity by comparing them to official records and, if required, contacting institutions directly. This is an essential measure to avoid employing people who may not have the skills they boast.

4.Unexplained Gaps in Education:

Education history gaps can be a problem. Individuals may need breaks between academic activities, but long gaps in coursework that can't be explained may be a red flag. Employers should question a candidate's unaccounted times in their academic timeline.

5.Mismatched Degrees and Job Roles:

During education background checks, it's also important to ensure that the person's academic credentials match the job requirements. If someone with a degree in literature applies for a job in banking, they might not be appropriate for the position. Career changes happen constantly, but a big difference between your academic background and work goals could be a red flag.

Addressing Red Flags with One2Verify

Addressing red flags in educational background checks requires a comprehensive approach. One2Verify, a leading provider of background check services, can help you confidently navigate this process. Our team of experts will meticulously review all relevant information, including educational records, employment history, criminal background checks, and more.

Contact One2Verify today. We can help you to make informed hiring decisions and protect your organization from liability.

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