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What does an employment history background check include

by Info One2verify - Published on 9/27/2022 2:42 AM

The purpose of a background check for employment is to learn about a candidate for a certain position, both professionally and personally. Background checks are a common practice among businesses considering a candidate for a position. Some companies opt to perform investigations on new hires after they've already started working there.

The Importance of Employment History Verification

Employers often do background checks on prospective employees to ensure the accuracy of their application data, confirm that the applicant has the necessary skills and experience for the job, and validate any claims of prior employment related to their current position.

Employment History Verification can assist with:

- Faster hiring of qualified candidates

- Verify that the applicant's resume and work history are both complete and correct

- Reduce the possibility of employing someone who has forged their credentials

When making hiring decisions, thoroughly researching the applicant's work history is essential. Background checks under the FCRA can be performed at any point in a person's life if the necessary consumer authorization is obtained; nevertheless, there are limits to the information that can be revealed by such a check. When conducting an employment verification background check on a potential employee, a company may look at:

- County Criminal Records Searches

- Multi-Jurisdictional "National" Criminal Database Search

- Financial History - Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgment Search (10 Years)

- Verification of Education, Employment, and professional licenses

- Social Media Check

- Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

- Name Verification

- Federal Criminal Records Search

- Date of Birth Verification

- SSN Verification

- Address Verification (10 years previous)

- Nationwide State Felony and Misdemeanor arrest/conviction Record (7 years)

- Nationwide Federal Felony and Misdemeanor arrest/conviction Record (7 years)

- Nationwide County ordinance violation arrest (7 years)

If a candidate has a criminal record in one state but currently resides in another, it would be risky to conduct merely a local illegal search using the candidate's current address. To find out who has been using a given SSN and where they have lived in the past, an address history locator software like Social Search or Social Trace is essential (SSN).

Additionally, a credit report history and criminal record search should also be performed:

Credit Report History

A credit report assesses the applicant's track record of paying debts on time. This is especially true if the position you're applying for requires oversight of financial assets. In cases where the applicant has a low credit score, they may be disqualified from further consideration for employment. The Fair Credit Reporting Act mandates that employers acquire applicants' permission before pulling their credit reports.

A credit check can disclose several possible red flags if your recruit manages money daily. Signs of monetary irresponsibility include a high amount of debt or excessive spending on assets.

Criminal Record

Criminal history record checks are governed in various ways from one state to the next. Background checks on potential employees include researching their criminal and conviction records. Some online services provide quick background checks by aggregating data from numerous databases maintained by individual states, local governments, and law enforcement agencies. A thorough background check is essential for any position of trust or responsibility.

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