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How a strong background check process benefits the staffing agency

by Info One2verify - Published on 7/12/2022 3:25 AM

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Workers represent organizations; hence it is important that they should be skilled, prompt, and professional. All those factors are necessary, but this won’t work if one crucial aspect is overlooked, which is a background check.

It all comes down to individuals when running a staffing firm. It is your responsibility to give your clientele high-quality staff. That sentence may seem straightforward, yet the word "quality" is the most crucial component. You will not continue long in business if you cannot provide that.

Following the recent recession, many businesses have abandoned traditional recruiting practices in favor of the convenience of contracting with staffing agencies. A staffing agency may be able to connect job seekers with more employment opportunities than they would find on their own, but this also means that the agencies may attract less-than-ideal candidates. Staffing agencies rely on background screenings to help them assess candidates to find the best candidate for a position that will satisfy their clients.

Scrutinizing the applicant's employment history, educational background, criminal record, and credit score is part of a thorough background check. Before conducting a legal employment verification check on a job application, any company must sign a waiver. Workplace verification is performed by the background check company, which contacts the applicant's previous employer.

While completing an effective employment verification background check before hiring a new employee for your company, using the services of a third-party administrator/screening agency like One2Verify might be advantageous.

The use of background check companies for staffing agencies provides the necessary resources to assess applicants to find the best candidates for the job. 

Here are a few of the most significant advantages of conducting a thorough employee verification process: 

Criminal Background checks 

Tried-and-true standard of background checks is a criminal history check. This search aggregates criminal records from court files, disciplinary data, probation/parole records, and other official sources to find criminal records. County, state, national, and worldwide searches are all possible. An SSN Trace can be used to extend its range. These assist agencies in determining whether a candidate has a criminal past that would exclude them from the position.

Ensure that you hire a qualified individual

Background checks can reveal a potential employee's work history and reputation as a team member. An employment verification procedure may show people's current skill level, knowledge, personality, experience, and work ethic. With this information at your disposal, you may feel more confident in your hiring decisions.

Verify that the person you're hiring is reliable

During the job application process, candidates often embellish their records or experience by making false statements. If you check candidates' prior employment with their former employers, you're more likely to hire those who were honest during the recruiting process. Hiring an honest, knowledgeable, and ethically sound worker will defend your company's reputation.

Your Agency Will Be Unique

We hear about workplace concerns caused by a lack of proper personnel vetting every day. Despite their relevance, not every staffing firm performs background checks. You will gain a substantial competitive edge over agencies that do not use a background check process if you develop one.

Most people believe that a background check investigates criminal matters, but a thorough investigation will include several key elements. You may also require a credit check for your clients who are looking for higher individuals with close contact with money or other valuables to ensure that your prospects are trustworthy. You may also have a need to examine your prospects' driving records to see if they have any violations that would prevent them from driving or performing other tasks they are being considered for. 

Your staffing firm is dedicated to finding excellent candidates for your clients. You'll know you're delivering good service if you conduct extensive background checks.

When it comes to job verification, we at One2Verify can be relied upon to ensure everything is done correctly and according to the laws and regulations currently in place. Depending on your needs, we can provide job verification services. Please contact us for more information on our tailored background check packages for job verification.

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