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Why Hiring Decisions Require a Human Touch

by Info One2verify - Published on 7/8/2021 1:51 PM

HR in Background Verification Process

The importance of human intervention in the automated future of recruitment

In today's world, technology is a crucial aspect, it is unavoidable, but still, there should be a person at the helm. Similarly, employment background check companies believe that you need to understand whether a recruit is a cultural and personality fit with recruitment.

AI in Employment Screening

Practicing AI to conduct background checks and different forms of employment screening eliminates all human analysis. Instead, the software assembles data from thousands of references then uses algorithms to organize bits of arbitrary information into meaningful insights. Within five minutes, AI classifies, evaluates, and measures the risk before establishing a value on a potential employee's worth.

Why Employment Screening Yet Needs the Human Touch

It is a known fact that computers have been after human jobs since 1950, but it is hard to tell whether technology is a boon or a curse since it makes our lives easier while also making it more challenging. If we merely fast forward a few years, we'll realize that humans not only understand AI but depend on it for practically everything:

  • Voice assistants: We engage with AI every time we interact with Siri, Chatbots, Cortana Alexa, and more. 
  • Translation: Search engines often translate language, objects, pictures, and sounds into data used in algorithms that guide the user's online experiences.
  • Predictive systems: Industries that value predictions like the military, investment firms, hospitals, meteorologists use AI to develop conclusions by examining statistical data.
  • Marketing: To analyze buyer behavior and target specific businesses, marketers use AI- there is even crossover control with voice assistant technology.

Therefore, while there is slight doubt artificial intelligence makes our lives easier, it urges humans to question, "If AI attempts to augment and react to data like a human, does that also mean it's unpredictable like a human? Unfortunately, when it comes to employment screening, the answer is affirmative.

There is No Substitute for Emotional Intelligence

For a while now, we have seen AI take over work that requires traditional human intelligence. Moreover, it makes sense that computers can accomplish simple tasks much quicker than a human brain normally would.

One domain where humans will perpetually have the upper hand is emotional intelligence. Employing empathy and compassion is something AI will not be able to comprehend any time soon. Because of this reason, emotional intelligence will stay out of the influence of automation and validate itself to be a meticulous skill in the years to come.

This personal touch is extended to prospective employees as well applicants. Employment background checks companies like One2verify genuinely consider a human eye or touch is necessary to conduct and complete the background check process and not solely rely on technology. 

It takes a human being to ensure that the consolidated information correctly resembles that of the potential employee. Moreover, when various checks run on identical patterns, AI often recurs reports with contrasting details. Thus, only a real and alive person can tell if any/all information pertains to the same person applying for the job.

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