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The Perfect Background Check is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

by Info One2verify - Published on 3/26/2021 9:12 AM

Employment Background verification

Components of a background check that may be crucial

"A whole is greater than the sum of its parts"- Aristotle, a great thinker, framed this phrase. In simple words, it means a thing as a whole is much better than things in parts. So how is this phrase related to background checks? Background checks are far more than just the sum of their parts; they often consist of“parts” of the following:

·   Criminal records,

·   Public record search,

·   Bankruptcy checks,

·   Previous educational verification

·   Employment checks are all critical aspects that sum up the “whole” of professional background checks.

A thorough employment background check consists of multiple components, allowing employers to see a potential employee from different angles. Background checks are like a painting; when a story, theme, colors, and aesthetics, if combined, offer the most complete and reliable picture. Similarly, employment background checks help companies ensure that they are hiring suitable candidates.

 Following are the components that  may be vital in securing a background check that can help your company:

1. Drug and Alcohol Testing

No matter what business field you are into, be it commercial, financial enterprises, hospitals, academic institutions, or manufacturing, all industries require a drug and alcohol-free place of work. Well-known employment background checks companies like One2Verify partner with reliable clinical laboratories to help provide you with the most accurate information possible.  

2. Address verification

Address verification is the process that makes sure that an address provided by a candidate is accurate or inaccurate.  Address verification can also help a company detect identity thefts and frauds, allowing you to build confidence in the applicant. 

A thorough background check includes verification of an applicant's addresses in past years too. An address verification search is necessary. It may also turn up other names or aliases a job applicant may have used in the past.  An applicant who has used another character/name in the past might also have additional records related to the alias or other address that they are not disclosing.

3. Federal and State Criminal Record

In the USA, criminal law enforcement and prosecution happen at both the federal and the state levels; therefore, a federal crime is prosecuted under federal criminal law and not under a state's criminal law. The federal offense includes:

·  Computer hacking

·   Accounting fraud

·   Conspiracy

·   Corporate crimes

·   Counterfeiting

·   Gun law violations

·    Health care fraud

These are more often crimes that occur across state lines, on federal land, or against the federal government. It is important that all criminal record searches include both the State and Federal record database.

4. Financial Credit History

Employers may request a credit history check if an applicant's job demands involvement in financial tractions or access to money or financial information. An employment credit check may also be necessary when a potential employer checks credit history to see how well they have handled consumer debt. 

While a candidate's credit score is not revealed, employers may get to see a modified version of an applicant's credit report. A credit check may reveal details like excessive debt, late payments, or mismanagement of debt, which could indicate a high risk of theft or fraud.

5. Sex Offender Verification

By requesting a sex offender registry report on a prospective employee, employers can now quickly know if a prospective candidate has ever been convicted of a sex-related violation or misconduct—such information is more critical than ever for employers. Industries and positions where this verification step is critical are:

·   Jobs that require close work with individuals or jobs that lack direct supervision

·   Working with minors or handicapped individuals

·   Healthcare services that demand direct contact

·   Employees of a company's financial, legal departments, communications, or human resources

·    Administrators, directors, and managers.

Screening is key when firms practice basic verification procedures such as criminal records, identity theft, and previous employment records because it offers critical insights into a candidate's history to provide a more integrated and dependable profile of that candidate compared to what they may have provided on their application.

To learn more about employment background checks, contact One2Verify today!

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